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Wheel Alignment, Bedliners, Fiberglass,
Body and Auto Glass repairs.


Fiberglass and Body repairs

Fiberglass and Body repairs

Bailey's is one of the few shops left in the area that still do fiberglass body repairs. No matter what type of material your cars body is made, we can fix it.
Auto Glass repairs

Auto Glass repairs

Pit, crack, or just need a new windshield? Our professionals can do it.

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"I have had 3 vehicles repaired at Bailey's Body Shop multiple times over the past 4 years with slight and significant damage and they have done an excellent job each time. Bob and his staff are very nice, honest, dependable, and extremely easy to work with while paying great attention to detail. Anytime we have an accident or our vehicles are needing repairs, Bailey's Body Shop is the only shop I will call as I know the work will be done right the first time. I recommend Bailey's Body Shop to everyone no matter the extent of the damage to your vehicle. "

Dr. Jason Joy

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